A brief overview of The Wright Decision Production Company

The Wright Decision Production Company is an arts entertainment company dedicated to writing, directing, and producing quality and front-running theatrical stage productions/films, as well as providing artist management to both actors and musicians.

The company has three main goals:

  1. To produce relevant work that provides realistic and viable solutions to various societal issues through the use of music, comedy, and drama.
  2. To produce substantial work that is authentic, meaningful, and gives messages of faith, hope, and/or love.
  3. To provide definitive opportunities for performers to develop and expand their artistry.

TWD Services

  • Stage Productions
  • Film Productions
  • Artist Management
  • Writing/Directing
  • Theater Coaching
  • Casting


Delco Times
Delco Times


  • You’ll Never Understand My Praise reminds Christians that God is forever present in our lives and as a result, we should never falter in our praise to him!

    Janice Grundy
  • A Teenage Love is a “must see” to embrace your stage, entertain your adolescents, teens, parents, school personnel, clergy, members of your community, and anyone who is invested in the healthy development and positive growth of our young people. See it today, you won’t be disappointed!

    Eloise LaFlore
    Church Coordinator
  • The cast and crew did a phenomenal job with A Teenage Love… a lot of people learned tonight just how much our teens go through!

    Phil Turner
  • Young, Wild, & Out of Control was exhilarating, relatable, and honest portrayal of where teens are in today’s society.  

    Devin Layton
    Assistant Principal
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    George Green
    web designer
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    Stefan Sweet
    happy client
  • Young, Wild, & Out of Control was definitely spot on showing the issues that I unfortunately have to handle at school day in and day out.

    Tamika Hill
    Guidance Counselor
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    Miriam Orange
  • Awesomeness! How to Keep a Man gets to the core of what is most affecting today’s marriages…Tyler Perry better watch out!

    Kadesha Carroll
    Life Coach/Motivational Speaker
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    Alex Violet
    happy customer
  • How to Keep a Man – a good show for adults to see how their relationships can have a negative effect on our youth.

    Rob Moore
    Youth Advocate/ Youth Non-profit founder
  • How to Keep a Man was a blessing to Jesus Love Temple. You guys were great to work with!

    David Shockley